ld Schema Data', 'rank-math' ), 'description' => __( 'Delete the schema data from the old format (<1.0.48). Note: This process is irreversible and will delete all the metadata prefixed with rank_math_snippet.', 'rank-math' ), 'confirm_text' => __( 'Are you sure you want to delete the old schema data? This action is irreversible.', 'rank-math' ), 'button_text' => __( 'Delete', 'rank-math' ), ]; } if ( ! empty( Update_Score::get()->find() ) ) { $tools['update_seo_score'] = [ 'title' => __( 'Update SEO Scores', 'rank-math' ), 'description' => __( 'This tool will calculate the SEO score for the posts/pages that have a Focus Keyword set. Note: This process may take some time and the browser tab must be kept open while it is running.', 'rank-math' ), 'button_text' => __( 'Recalculate Scores', 'rank-math' ), ]; } /** * Filters the list of tools available on the Database Tools page. * * @param array $tools The tools. */ $tools = $this->do_filter( 'database/tools', $tools ); return $tools; } } تماس با ما ⋆ کابل یاقوت تولید کننده سیم و کابل نسوز سیلیکونی | کابل اعلام حریق | سیم نسوز|سیم مقاوم در برابرحرارت |سیم دارای گواهی نامه آتش نشانی |سیم داری گواهی نامه وزازت راه مسکن وشهرسازی

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